The History of Lone Star

It all began in 1983 when a small butcher shop in the heart of Pennsylvania Amish Country began making a premium quality jerky that was made using simple ingredients, natural hickory smoke and the best beef you could fine.  Like some of the biggest consumer brands today this unique “western style jerky in a jar” took off and customers couldn’t get enough of it. Fast forward several decades and you will find that this “Western Style” beef Jerky has a story line as colorful as the Wild West of the 1880’s.   

As consumer demand began to exceed everyone’s wildest dreams some of the key players began to fight over their new creation and with a little greed added to the mix it looked like a scene from an old western.  By the time the dust settled one player was able to move the others out and “Wild Bill’s” became the prominent player.  Many of those that had been squeezed out of the Wild Bill brand took the original concept, recipe and moved out to start their own brands and it was about this time that Lone Star Western Beef Jerky was born in West Virginia.  

SUS resurrected the original concept and moved production back to Pennsylvania where it all started.  With deep roots in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio the Lone Star and Calamity Jane brands come the closest to the original product found in that original small butcher shop 33 years ago 

Our commitment to quality and dedication to staying true to the original recipes have made our brand the standard. 


People are talkin'
  • If there's one thing I love in this world, it's good quality beef jerky. Lone Star did not disappoint! I'll definitely be back for more.
    - Mike C.
  • I was very pleased with Lone Star, in both their customer service and their jerky.
    - Brian E.
  • Love the jerky so much my boss got some when she was at Fairmont she has a store up there Window World but she dont go up there much, but i work at the one in St.Albans WV do you have a store down here that sales it got to get some more.
    - Terri S.
  • Seriously, this is the best beef jerky in the world!!!! I lived in Davis, WV briefly and was introduced to Lonestar at Canaan Valley Stores. Now I'm back in Georgia and have to have it shipped in because there is NOTHING that even compares to this stuff!!!
    - Sydney M.
  • Lone Star Hot Teriyaki is the best beef jerky I have ever tasted
    - Adam W.
  • Best beef jerky North, South, East or West of the Mason Dixon line!
    - Caroline W.
  • Great Beef Jerky. Tried for the first time last week in Bridgeport. Hot Teriyaki is great!!!!
    - Joe B.
  • Best beef jerky ever...everything else now tastes like its dog food....In fact i need to order some more....
    - Heather M.
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